Valmet enters into marine automation partnership with The SeaKing Group in the UK

DSC_0067-550x437 (1)Valmet has entered into a marine automation partnership with The SeaKing Group, a marine and industrial electrical engineering company based in the Liverpool region, UK. According to the agreement, The SeaKing Group will become an official distributor for Valmet’s automation services to the maritime industry in the UK.

The SeaKing Group’s role will involve a professional first-line response operation that provides highly skilled engineers to install and maintain Valmet’s automation systems. The company can also support Valmet with supply chain management, leading teams of subcontractors and coordinating projects.

“By joining forces with the SeaKing Group, we will be in a better position to participate in marine automation projects both in the new build and retrofit business in the UK market. Valmet has strong automation expertise and advanced technology, which we can now combine with our new partner’s excellent local contacts and experience,” says John Weierud, Director, Marine Automation, Valmet.

“This partnership will play a vital role in the development of new skills and broaden our understanding of progressive technologies that bring benefits to customers. The Valmet brand association also greatly helps open up new business opportunities in international projects,” states Dave Gillam, Managing Director, The SeaKing Group.

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