The SeaKing Group strikes transatlantic service agreement

The SeaKing Group has secured a transatlantic service agreement with one of the world’s leading manufacturers of green technology for the maritime sector.

The Birkenhead and Aberdeen business will be supporting Hyde Marine Inc. with its delivery of Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS).

Hyde Marine is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US, where the company designs and manufactures the Hyde Guardian GoldTM BWTS that combines efficient filtration and Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection of seawater.

It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the New York Stock Exchange listed Calgon Carbon Corporation (NYSE: CCC) – a global leader and innovator in purification technologies for water and air.

SeaKing managing director Dave Gillam said the “green water” systems are set to play a major role in the global shipping sector.

The systems prevent the spread of invasive maritime species which is recognised as one of the greatest ecological threats to the planet.

Mr Gillam said the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) is set to enforce a convention making it mandatory for vessels worldwide to carry out ballast water management procedures.

The convention will enter into force 12 months after ratification by 30 states, representing 35pc of world merchant shipping tonnage. To date, 38 states with an aggregate of slightly more than 30pc of the world’s merchant fleet tonnage have embraced the convention.

“The SeaKing Group has been appointed as an official partner to Hyde Marine and will be offering support on a global scale,” said Mr Gillam. “We will be delivering a broad range of services including survey, installation and maintenance for BWTS. This strategic service agreement will involve sending specialist SeaKing teams to docks around the world. Our work will support Hyde Marine with the surge in business which is expected following ratification of the IMO convention.

“The SeaKing Group benefits from a strong reputation overseas for delivering the complete maritime electrical engineering solution. However, this is a significant development which will further boost our brand awareness in the export market. It demonstrates the international respect for our high level skill and experience. It further signals our ambition to grow, our passion for new technology and our progressive outlook as a thrusting, forward thinking British exporter.”

The SeaKing Group business development manager Neil Mellenchip said members of the firm have recently returned from Miami following several meetings with Hyde Marine.

“We are delighted to be working in this highly interesting area of the maritime market, which has global importance,” he said. “The transfer of marine species within ballast water is causing enormous and irreversible damage to the environment. Hyde Marine specifically uses UV technology which minimises any negative effect on the environment without the use of chemicals.

“We have already delivered BWTS projects on military vessels and can replicate this work on any vessel across the world. SeaKing is in a terrific position to provide first class technical support when the new measures come into force.”

Calgon Carbon Corporation acquired Hyde Marine as part of its Ultraviolet (UV) Technologies Division in 2010. This acquisition combined the considerable worldwide drinking and wastewater treatment expertise of Calgon Carbon with Hyde Marine’s many years of experience in shipboard ballast water treatment systems.

Hyde Marine has now sold more than 325 Hyde GUARDIAN BWTS, delivered more than 225, and commissioned more than 140 for operation on a variety of vessels around the world.

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