The SeaKing Group invests in electrical engineering software

The SeaKing Group has invested in new “high impact” electrical engineering software.

The firm, which also has offices in Aberdeen, has invested in ETAP software which supports the design, simulation, operation and automation of industrial power systems.

The SeaKing Group managing director Dave Gillam said the advanced software helps to drive maximum levels of reliability, safety and energy efficiency across power infrastructure.

He said ETAP is qualified for use in the nuclear and military sectors, as well as ‘mission critical’ operations, opening up great potential for SeaKing to drive business growth.

“The SeaKing Group’s core focus lies in marine electrical engineering,” said Mr Gillam. “Clean and reliable electric power is at the foundation of any business’ ability to offer its products and services.
“Our mission is to help asset managers and owners of commercial marine and offshore vessels maximise the potential of their electrical infrastructure. To achieve this we have made a significant investment in the ETAP software package and subsequent staff training. This package will enable SeaKing to deliver the very highest industry standards.”

ETAP provides a set of core tools, embedded analysis modules and engineering libraries. This enables the creation, configuration, customisation and management of power systems.

It is used in particular by the Ministry of Defence and the US Navy for short circuit calculations and ARC Flash analysis on power generation, switchboards and downstream electrical distribution systems. The software can also provide modelling of circuit breaker discrimination.
Mr Gillam said a number of SeaKing’s staff had embarked on specialist training to use the software. It will essentially enable the firm to survey vessels, produce diagrams and performance calculations, including growth margin studies.

“SeaKing is constantly looking for ways to improve its service and drive even greater levels of customer satisfaction,” he said. “We believe this can be achieved by combining advanced technology, like ETAP software, with the broad industry knowledge, experience and expertise within the SeaKing Group. We are committed to delivering cutting edge and cost effective electrical engineering solutions for our clients. We believe this latest investment is a clear signal of our intent to continue raising the bar.”

For more information contact John Kelly at The SeaKing Group on 0151 6524821 or email

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