The SeaKing Group manages first installation of new wireless communication system on board MoD vessel

The SeaKing Group has installed a new digital wireless communication system on board a Ministry of Defence vessel.

Managing director Dave Gillam said the firm was tasked with delivering strong and continuous wireless communication links throughout the vessel.

Mr Gillam said The SeaKing Group carried out extensive technical trials using a Clear-Com FreeSpeak II system before installing the technology.

It marks the first installation of a Clear-Com FreeSpeak II system on board a vessel and is set to be repeated as The SeaKing Group embarks on a second installation project aboard a second grey ship.

“The MoD requires clear communications for its engineers working in engine rooms and machinery spaces,” he said. “This is a challenge faced by many vessel operators who traditionally use magnetic loop, conventional radio or infra-red solutions. But these all come with limitations. The SeaKing Group was tasked with delivering an efficient, reliable and dynamic solution.

“After evaluating many potential options we carried out a series of high-level technical trials using the Clear-Com communications software. We found it had the ability to maintain a reliable wireless connection across particularly challenging radio frequency terrain – for example the engine rooms, which are essentially large metal boxes packed with machinery. The system delivers crystal-clear digital audio no matter where we tried it, from bottom plates to the funnel space.

“We then arranged long-term customer trials to put the technology through rigorous examination under normal working conditions. The communication systems again excelled and following positive feedback we completed a full installation.”

Clear-Com FreeSpeak II can operate as a standalone system, with up to 20 full-duplex wireless beltpacks connected to one base station. As an integrated solution, where beltpacks are connected to a Matrix frame, up to 50 user connections can be achieved. Active antennas provide a beltpack to base station distance range of up to 1,000 metres.

Mr Gillam said FreeSpeak II is a high-performance wireless intercom system which operates in multiple world-wide frequency bands. It is designed for extensive communication in large-scale operations.

Its ability to maintain a strong wireless connection across an expansive coverage area makes it an ideal roaming solution for a number of applications outside the maritime sector including live event, broadcast, sport production and industrial.

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