SeaKing Electrical talks to Ship & Offshore Repair Journal about LED lighting and vessel surveillance systems.

SeaKing Electrical is a leading electrical engineering firm with offices in Merseyside and Aberdeen. It offers extensive experience and expertise in electrical engineering to the global marine, offshore and industrial markets. Recent contracts have seen the firm working with ferry operator DFDS Seaways and Norway based vessel surveillance system provider Vissim.

With a portfolio of work spanning the globe SeaKing takes pride in delivering the complete electrical package for the marine, industrial, commercial military and offshore markets.

In the last year SeaKing has undertaken a broad range of electrical engineering contracts for commercial ship operators, working in shipyards across the UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. These roles have included work on a variety of vessels including super yachts, dive support vessels, ferries, tug boats and tankers.

The offshore market remains a key target for the firm in 2012.

Its broad range of construction, conversions and refurbishment solutions is backed by a 125 strong specialist workforce and an expanding apprenticeship programme. The firm’s driving ambition saw the completion of more than 50 contracts worldwide in 2011 and it expects to increase turnover by 40pc in 2011/12.

A current on-going electrical repairs contract with Liet Corp Ocean LED involves the replacement of existing lighting infrastructure on board three DFDS Seaways ferries. The work, taking place in dry docks in Dunkirk, France, will see SeaKing installing LED lighting in restaurant, passenger and accommodation areas. Key benefits of the fittings include long life-expectancy rates and ultra-efficiency delivering energy savings of up to 90 per cent.

SeaKing Group Business Development Manager Neil Mellenchip said: “This contract demonstrates the scale of electrical repair projects we undertake. Our work normally involves design, as well as the removal of obsolete equipment and the installation of an updated electrical system. We have already completed work to one vessel which saw the installation of around 700 fittings. Refits on the other two vessels will be completed later this year. SeaKing prides itself on driving efficiency by delivering rapid turnaround times and high quality installation work. This particular job will also radically enhance power saving potential due to the calibre of products. The LED fittings are durable and reliable and will help drive down costs offering a longer lifespan than traditional lighting, without compromising on light quality.”

SeaKing’s expertise in building and repairing electrical and electronic systems has been reinforced by its partnership with Vissim. It is now looking to market this expertise within the marine communications sector. SeaKing is recognised as a UK assembly location and manufacturing hub for Vissim’s VTMS (Vessel Traffic Management Surveillance) systems. It has been working with the Norwegian offshore and coastal maritime surveillance outfit for the last five years. This arrangement has involved Seaking’s communication specialists and apprentices travelling to Norway to gain comprehensive training and accreditations in Vissim equipment.

Mr Mellenchip said SeaKing manufactures and repairs VTMS system racks containing power supplies, radar, AIS, VHF and computer equipment. It also assists with installation and offers a ready supply of technicians to carry out work internationally.

Mr Mellenchip said: “The work involved with the Vissim partnership is highly specialised. It is therefore crucial that our technicians receive the right qualifications and training to work on the VTMS systems. This equipment is highly tuned and plays a vital role in vessel safety management. The manufacturing process is therefore a hugely responsible role. We have made significant investments to ensure our staff have the necessary knowledge and expertise to carry out the work with speed and professionalism. It is also critically important to us that our younger generation of recruits, in particular apprentices, have the key skills needed to carry out this type of work into the future.

“We cater for Vissim’s VTMS requirement in the UK and also take on subsidiary work and export manufactured products when needed. This sort of high level electronic engineering is typical of many SeaKing contracts. And we expect to see more work in this area as Vissim grow in the offshore renewable market.”

Vissim Project Manager Lars Solberg said: “SeaKing Electrical has provided excellent services for Vissim. For areas such as UK offshore wind farm installations, Coastal surveillance and Ports and Harbours, UK Ministry Of Defence site electrical system installations and overseas communication system installations, our experience with SeaKing as a partner has been first class.”

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