SeaKing celebrates 20th Anniversary

Seaking 20 years image01Founded in 2001, SeaKing has been evaluating and solving marine and industrial engineering problems for organisations worldwide. As an organisation grown from four employees 20 years ago to employing more than 100 engineers worldwide, now with a track record delivering projects across Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Caribbean, and the USA.

The SeaKing Group was initially founded with the motivation to create a forward-thinking, innovative engineering provider. From humble beginnings, the vision was to create a company with a culture of great people that solve problems.

Over the years SeaKing has proudly completed a portfolio of design and build projects across sectors. Renowned for their expertise within defence, the list of completed projects supporting Cammell Laird and the RFA Northern Cluster, which currently includes both the AO Wave and Tide Class Vessels and RFA Fort Victoria; in the past, the Cluster included Bay Leaf and Rover Class Tankers, RFA Diligence and Fort George; more recently they have been involved with the Type 45 Power Improvement Project (PIP).  Based in the heart of the UK’s Shipbuilding industry, the team supports the everyday maintenance of the Mersey Ferries, local tugs, Support Vessels.

Along with the Military Vessels SeaKing has also supported Cammell Lairds with a number of Commercial Vessels, including Ro-Ro Ferries both locally to the Northwest Area and in other Ports around the World.  However, it is not only Cammell Laird that SeaKing Support, they also support Ship Outfit Companies and other Shipyards whenever and wherever the need is required.

SeaKing is proud to have supported Cammell Laird over the last decade with its RFA cluster contract delivering ‘through-life support’ to a catalogue of MoD vessels,” he said. “As we plan for the future, we were particularly pleased to see Cammell Laird securing two further 10-year contracts to support the RFA, worth an estimated £619million. These contracts will run until 2028 and come as a major boost to Merseyside’s maritime sector and supply chain as a whole.” Dave Gillam, Chairman. 

Throughout the last 20 years, SeaKing has invested in capability through a successful apprenticeship programme. Proudly over 60 apprentices have now been employed by the marine electrical specialist. Their employees’ investment has provided an opportunity to grow their skills, gain valuable experience, and develop professionally throughout the globe.

SeaKing Group’s CEO Martin Sealeaf said, ‘Apprenticeships represent a long-term investment for the group, the candidates undergo rigorous panel interviews before securing their roles. SeaKing invests heavily in such schemes because they provide an excellent foundation in technical skills and knowledge. We can then steer the recruits into world-class marine electrical engineers.’

A great example of the successful apprenticeship program is showcased in Blaise Cockton-, Project Manager. Blaise has been with SeaKing for over 13 years, starting his career as an Apprentice.

‘Project diversity, every project offers different challenges daily. Also, my current opportunity to be so heavily involved in such a fantastic project working on the detailed design and its delivery of an MoD’s Type 45 Destroyer Power Improvement Project for the Royal Navy, implementing the resilience and operational capabilities of one of the most advanced warships in the world.’ Blaise Cockton. 

SeaKing supported their specialised industries during the pandemic, working towards critical deadlines and overcoming the added pressures and obstacles the pandemic brought. October 2020 marked the month when Britain’s Polar Ship- RRS Sir David Attenborough left Birkenhead – the home of Cammell Laird. Following a four-year build programme, SeaKing’s engineering team were proud to have had an active contribution. The British Antarctic Survey says that the new polar ship will “transform UK research in the polar regions” with missions critical to understanding climate change.

About SeaKing –

SeaKing Electrical caters to the Marine, Industrial, Commercial, Military, and Offshore Markets, specialising in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. It delivers offshore Wind Market support, Marine installations to SOLAS requirements, vessel survey and upgrades to System Engineering, complete Mechanical & Electrical packages, and software development. It further delivers construction, modification, and refurbishment of electrical marine, commercial and industrial control. SeaKing can offer fault finding and repair automated process control systems and repair or source and supply replacement electric motors, electronic variable speed drives, Generators Switchgear, and PLCs. A full turn-key package can be provided; from concept to design to manufacture and installation of various equipment and systems to satisfy your requirements.


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