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Two Seaking service teams, two different types of vessel in two locations returned from works this week. Our team worked around the clock over two weeks completing emergency assistance of marine transitional UPS on the ships essential systems.

SeaKing reacted simultaneously on both vessels surveying on NYE and finalising complete replacements two weeks later including complete removal, the supply of a 20 & 40KVA 3 phase UPS’s and a total of 4 transformers for the two vessels.

It’s a testament to SK’s strong supply-chain that the transformers of up to 45kVA were manufactured to Lloyds specification in this accelerated period and installed on the vessels in this incredibly tight window.

As both systems required a high degree of re-engineering further mention goes out to our support team in the SeaKing engineering department and logistics ensuring the solutions were both fit for purpose and achievable.

Alongside our service and engineering teams, our office support has risen to the challenge during the whole pandemic working over the Christmas period and demonstrating how SeaKing responds safely and adapts efficiently.

Both systems on the two different vessels were load tested and passed by the local surveyors, and the vessels are in operation.

A big thanks to ATL transformers – our trusted supplier for their input into these deliveries. ATL’s tenacity and dedication, hard work and technical expertise from the workforce, was demonstrated under very challenging time pressures and ergonomics.

 Dedication, hard work, expertise and forward-thinking made these achievements possible.

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